FILM 1: What is the Courtyard project? This film looks at Courtyards that are already up and running to give you an idea of what they can expect if you get involved.

FILM 2: The road to Emmaus. We draw our method of accompaniment and transformation with young people from this well known story

FILM 3: What is youth work? What makes the Courtyard approach unique?

Film 4: Gifts in young people. How we view young people in Courtyard, and the possibilities this creates.

Film 6: Transforming stories. How do we tell stories together and use them to inspire and encourage action?

Film 5: Traces of our story. How to help build a 'sense of group' with young people.

Film 7: Your role in Courtyard. What are the different roles that are on offer in Courtyard, which will you try?

Film 8: Detached on the streets. How Courtyard engages deliberately and patiently in the dynamic space of the streets.

Film 9: Detached with services. Building links with community partners to meet and work with young people.

Film 10: Detached in schools. Developing projects to engage young people through their school communities.

Film 11: Welcoming young people. Working with young people invited into a parish space, once they trust you.

Film 12: Projects in the Courtyard. how we develop projects with young people we work with.