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“We are the bad kids…”

Shying away at first, Mandy soon became comfortable enough to chat to us outside MacDonald’s, amidst her group of friends. She told us about her day, in her school’s isolation unit. When we invited her thoughts on the unit, she said that some teachers view her as one of “the bad kids”. She then admitted “I do have my moments, but really, I’m alright”.

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Being recognised on detached after the summer…

Back on the streets again after our summer break and at first sight there appeared to be some changes. Our group from infront of McDonalds’s have seemed to moved on to pastures new; whether this is a permanent change or because we were an hour later leaving base has yet to be determined. Hope it’s not the former – what would we do without our French fries?!

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Courtyard opening…

If we were to choose a specific day that we could term the ‘Grand Opening’ or the ‘Premiere’ of our Courtyard project, there is a sense that last Thursday would be it. Following our effort over so many weeks, we finally felt as though the fruit of our labours and patient dedication had arrived.

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