The Power of Conversation


It was one of our young people’s first session. Beforehand, he was a bit nervous, but was trying not to let it show.

He came in, and was asked to sit with Kalvin, a service user who has no vision whatsoever, and help him paint a bowl. After a few minutes the pair got chatting about Kalvin’s guide dog, Purdey who is named after a 1970’s show The New Avengers. From there the conversation just flowed, and they had quite an in-depth chat about themselves.

When we were all walking home, the young person was elated, telling everyone in the group what he had learnt about guide dogs from Kalvin, how long they needed to be trained, the kinds of things they can do, how much it is to get one etc. It was great to see how a small encounter had opened his eyes to other people’s situations.

This particular young person has really opened up since the first time I met him, and I am looking forward to seeing him grow as a young person with us.

Chris, Courtyard Volunteer

Tadz Billam