Growing through helping others

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For the summer term we have been working with some young people from the behavioural unit of a school close to our parish. We started off getting them to think about what the positive repercussions of volunteering were. We also explored the ideas of positive personal development through helping others.

Towards the end of the term we started going into a local charity that puts on pottery classes for partially sighted individuals. The students were invited to assist the service users with their pottery and just chat to them.

Over the weeks we have seen the young people grow hugely in confidence!

At first, they were quite shy, only speaking and getting involved when invited to, but now they just get stuck straight in. One young person has been helping a lady make a cup, you can visibly see that he is getting more confident when helping her. He has shown huge improvement over the past weeks and has participated diligently in every week's Courtyard sessions. It is really is inspiring to see, that young people who are marginalised in school and sometimes not given a chance, can be so caring, and learning so much, when helping others.