Young people contributing to the community

baskett ball.jpg

Over the past 4 weeks a small group of students supported by the Learning Support Unit from St Thomas More School have embarked on an amazing volunteering opportunity with the Courtyard Project.

The courtyard experience has been one filled with fun and compassion as well as a lot of enlightenment for our young people. The opportunity to give back to the community in several new challenging and rewarding ways has seen the young students of St Thomas More School learn a lot about themselves and gain pride in helping others.

Seeing the boys open up over our 4 week stint at Earlham primary school was amazing to be a part of, going from being tentative and unsure about how to interact with the younger kids to taking a group of kids in small reading groups and leading half of the class in a thrilling game of basketball. One of our boys noticed that one pupil (a wheel chair user) wasn't taking part in the basketball, and he asked us later "how can we help him join in?". It was wonderful to see the way he saw this opportunity and found a way to include this pupil in future lessons. The boys would always look forward to the following Tuesday session with the kids of Earlham and were met with a similar enthusiasm from the younger kids.

The kids loved it, the boys loved it. It really was amazing to see, I mean the joy on the face of one of our students when he told us the younger kids of Earlham primary school had made him the main character of their very own superhero stories was a sight I will never forget.

Jeremiah,  school staff member, Wood Green