We just sat down next to them and started chatting


Last night I spoke to some young people for the first time since starting as Courtyard's London Worker three weeks ago. We were with Enfield parish saying the Rosary in the middle of the town when three teenage girls came and sat on a nearby bench. We could hear them talking loudly, wondering what was going on. 

This was too good an opportunity to miss. 

With the whole parish witnessing, another member of the Courtyard team and I went over and "met them where they were at". We just sat down next to them and started chatting.  We spoke about what was going on, explaining that we were praying the Rosary, then asked questions about where they were from, whether they liked where they lived, and things they liked to do.  As they were leaving they said they hoped we didn't get too cold. It was a small gesture, but it has really stayed with me, knowing that they cared, just a bit, about us in that moment. 

Basically, all we did was have a chat, but being able to connect with them, even in a casual way was such an amazing and unexpected experience. It really shows that you have to be out there to have an encounter with young people. 

Sophie, November 2018

Tadz Billam