New areas on detached


As a team we have recently been exploring new areas near Alexandra Palace. Over the course of three weeks we had some great conversations with different groups of young people.

The first week we met a new group of young people who told us that adults always ask them "what do you want" but nothing ever happens afterwards. We responded by saying that we are here to listen to them and offer them a space. We also gave them our flyers and chatted about what they can do. The following week we saw the same group again and this time they shouted over to us which we saw as a great step in building relationships. On third detached session in this new area we chatted to a young person who told us that there used to be a youth club. Two of our team responded by telling them about the Courtyard space we can offer, and the young person told us that they would really like a place. We then shared what is in our space including a pool table which this young person had mentioned was what they had in the old youth club. We gave out our flyers to them with more details about the space available. One of our team said after the session "even for this one conversation, it has all been worth it".

Eleanor, Wood Green