Joining the Courtyard team

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I joined the Courtyard project as the London Project Worker in July. Part of my role is to expand the Courtyard project into five new parishes. Initially this left me thinking “how on earth do we do that?” I have started this task by doing a lot of research into parishes and their communities. I am now contacting potential parishes and from this we have so far met with one new parish to talk more about how Courtyard could work for them.

I have also joined the Wood Green team on detached sessions and it has been great to be openly welcomed by the volunteers and to hear their stories of how Courtyard has impacted the parish in the last two years. In our detached sessions, we have explored new areas of Wood Green and this has had some great results with us engaging in short conversations with groups of young people. I saw just how dedicated the Wood Green team are, when one evening we decided to chance the weather and, although we did get caught out by a downpour, this was the first evening we saw a group of young people in one of our new areas.

In September, we are looking to reopen the 'drop-in' space and inviting the young people we meet on the streets back to this space. I am looking forward to seeing how the volunteers create this space and building relationships with the young people we have met. We are also looking to work with the Sixth Form again on a project in the local community. The work towards the expansion is on-going and we are hopeful of more parishes making that initial 'yes' once September comes around and I am excited to share with them Courtyard and for them to start their journey with us.

Eleanor, Courtyard worker

Eleanor Bowmanstreets, parish