Courtyard attends MP thank you event

Courtyard attends MP thank you event 1 colour wash.jpg

“Thank you! From HMGov, and FYT…”

Despite the gospel calling for humility and secrecy when doing good work, it's always a pleasure to be recognised for the good work that we do. We were recently invited by the Frontier Youth Trust to a gathering in the Houses of Parliament, to talk about our youth work and meet others who do similar work with young people. 

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Meeting at three chimes of Big Ben (which Tadz was quick to point out that is in fact called the Elizabeth Tower and the bell is called Big Ben), we headed into the Palace of Westminster. After mingling with those also involved with youth work, a presentation took place where Tadz and I talked about our humble Courtyard Project.

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It was a fantastic evening topped off with several glasses of wine and a tour of the Houses of Parliament, even sitting in on a parliamentary debate on flood defences!! All in all the evening was a great success in finding out more about youth work projects across the UK and sharing our own story.

Artur, Wood Green