Getting Courtyard noticed in the community…

What a day! We went out on the streets last Thursday armed with posters advertising Courtyard’s stall in Wood Green Shopping City this coming week, together with a little ball of Blue-tack to show the local shops that we meant business when we asked them to display a poster in their windows!

Our other secret weapons were our revamped flyers with the new black logo and ‘hot off the press’ pictures of young people in our Courtyard space.

In our first conversation we wasted no time in showing these to one of the ‘stars’ who was in the shots, who just happened to be outside McDonalds’s at the time. He was amused, possibly impressed – whatever, it caught the attention of his companions who laughed at the pictures of him on the flyer.

Despite their banter, they obviously were impressed because that same evening they paid their first visit to the Courtyard and seemed to have such a great time that we had to extend our opening time!

Also impressed were two ladies from 'Insight', a local youth charity that deals with drug and alcohol misuse, who commended us for our ‘bravery’ in speaking with this large group of young people. They asked if we would be willing to let them come and speak sometime at the Courtyard.

I wont forget their greeting:

“Who are you?

You’re really brave!

You’re doing a great job!”

Kathy, Wood Green