Courtyard opening…

courtyard opening colour wash.jpg

If we were to choose a specific day that we could term the ‘Grand Opening’ or the ‘Premiere’ of our Courtyard project, there is a sense that last Thursday would be it. Following our effort over so many weeks, we finally felt as though the fruit of our labours and patient dedication had arrived.

Courtyard became the space that we all had in mind from day one.

Patience, Love and Faith in the conviction that this could be done has finally paid off. Courtyard is now firmly in the minds of many young adults in Wood Green, and, judging by the fervent enthusiasm of our 12 visitors last Thursday, it will, no doubt, soon be known by countless others.

In answering the call we feel, we have reached out and are now welcoming those who may have spent their entire lives thinking that the Church was a place that had nothing to do with them.

Courtyard IS a success story, and we are seeing the fruit of our labour!

Yvan, Wood Green