Thinking back on long term work with young people…

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I remember one night when our Courtyard was really buzzing! Table tennis, football, volleyball, badminton, music, chatting. People felt immediately relaxed, the young people making the space their own.

That night, on a personal note, two things really moved me. I remember seeing an ex-pupil from the school I teach in, who was now 26 and doing youth work. Secondly, hearing a young person on their phone saying to his friend:

"Yeah, come down.

It’s down the road and turn left…"


I remember thinking to myself, even if we only have one person next week, I won’t be discouraged, because we now know that we can do it. We just needed a night like that to boost our confidence and help us realise that our planning and patience were worth it!

Winnie, Wood Green

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