Being recognised on detached after the summer…

Being recognised after the summer- colour wash.jpg

Back on the streets again after our summer break and at first sight there appeared to be some changes. Our group from infront of McDonalds’s have seemed to moved on to pastures new; whether this is a permanent change or because we were an hour later leaving base has yet to be determined. Hope it’s not the former – what would we do without our French fries?!

Wandering around one of the local estates we came across one of our former Courtyard visitors who was ordering his takeaway dinner via his mum ("chips or rice?!”). To be fair, he did acknowledge us and enquired whether we were still open, and said that he’d try to get to Courtyard that evening. It was great that he recognized us and felt no loss of ‘nous’ in communicating with us.

Feeling a little euphoric after this, we tried a new street where we found a nice little baker from whom to buy cakes; and this gave us the stomach to approach a group of young people (one of whom has also been one of our guests) and nonchalantly greet them:

“You alright?”

We were rewarded by the lad who knew us informing his compatriots:

“they’re youth workers…”

Further along the road we were again recognized and saluted by a lad on a bike - another of our guests!

Well we may have been away but it’s nice to know we’re still recognized!

Kathy, Wood Green

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